Friday, July 24, 2009

William Shakespeare

Here are a few websites to read and listen to William Shakespeare's Sonnets. Click on the links sit back and enjoy them!
Sonnets and some of his plays.
You can read and listen to the sonnets here too.
Here is a link for more sonnets read from "a guy in New York" he sings rap too so Shakespeare is just for everybody and that means you too.

Poems from the BBC

Poems by readers of the BBC just beautiful.

More poems to listen to

Here are more poems for you all.

Classic poetry

When you feel like listening to classic poetry go to this website.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The New York Times

News on the New York Times


News on the BBC website

Another look at things

English people do not teach grammar as we do here it is in alphabetical order. Try it.

Words from the BBC news are pronounced for you

To polish that British accent try listening to the bold part of the texts click here.

Very difficult

Very difficult exercises but you have a right to them too. It is meant to be a challenge isn't it?
Here they are.

Keep your English up to date

I particularly like this website I think your parents might be interested too.

Pronunciation tips from the BBC

If you wish to speak true British English go to the BBC website.

Nasa exercises to infinity and beyond!

A favourite or favorite? Here it is the Nasa website for you

Interactive exercises

New interactive exercises if you click here.

Simple and easy

You may like this website for more grammar exercises, I do!

Exercises for beginners

Here you will find the right exercise if you are a beginner or if you just want to revise that lesson you have forgotten about

Grammar galore

You will find great grammar lessons and exercises on this website from the Académie de Paris.
Be sure to click on the type of exercise you want on the scroll bar at the top of the list

Pronunciation exercises

If you wish to have more pronunciation exercises this website classify them with great care...

To get more words

You will find more words here

English Club grammar lessons

There are 8 types of words in English read everything about them on this website

Learning English online

You will find good easy to understand grammar lessons and exercises on this German website


You will have to get ready to pass your B2i in English too.
You will find some exercises on this website.
I will ask you to do some of these exercises and when you are ready you will email them to me and I will mark your work.