Sunday, October 11, 2015


Friday October 9th 

NEWS: TheFrench football team beat Armenia. (4-0)
The German football team lost against Ireland

ex :
h. Look ! I have bought a new coat.
i. You must work because you have had a bad mark again.
j. Have you ever been to Scotland ?
k. He has never told me the story.
l. He started school when he was three years old.
m. We have never drunk red tea.
n. They celebrated Mary's birthday last Saturday.
We wrote this in class :
This morning, the weather was beautiful so, I had a brunch in my garden, few hours later, I decided to take a atxi although it was very expensive and go to London, to the biggest airport of the UK. But I lost my luggage.

Homework :
Make this better add 3 adjective, three adverbs and three propositions.

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