Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Tuesday, October 13th
News :
We had a difficult French test.
Ex3 p13
They must wear shoes when they go to school ( in Thailand )
They mustn't wear short when they go to the swimming pool
They must wear a helmet when they visit a construction site
They mustn't wear sleeveless shirts at school.
They mustn't wear shoes when they visit a temple .
We mustn't use a cellphone when we are in a temple
We mustn't eat sandwiches in class
They mustn't wear a hat when they go to visit a temple

At home I must do my homework
I mustn't use my cellphone after 21:30
I must clean my bedroom
We must lay the table
I mustn't make a lot of noise
I mustn't have a shower after 10 PM

Homework :
revise the vocabulary about chores click here to see the website we worked on today.
Ex. do thez first two pages of this intercative book. Click here.

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