Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Today is Wednesday,October 7th 
-Matheo was the teacher today!

Exercise 1 p 29:
1. Elena is helping her dad on Saturday.
2. Elena is being a good daughter.
3. Elena is a good daughter.
4. My son loves chocolate.
5. He loves it.

Exercise 2 p29
1. They are cleaning the street/woods. they are picking the rubbish/trash/waste up.
2. They are playing/teaching others guitar.
3. They are cooking/baking.
4.They are collecting/harvering/raising/asking money for a charity.
cooking: autres plats   baking:  patisserie

page 24-25:
I can see pictures. I can see people singing.
I can see teenagers in a school.
They are celebrating the end of the year and they are raising money for charity.
I can see teachers who are singing and dancing.
They dress up in the street.
They dress up like heroes and the series.
They are having fun.
They are wearing funny shirt.
They are wearing paper clothes for a fashion show.
Pour les description d'image on utilise toujours be + -ing.

Book ex 2 p29
Revoir book p29

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