Friday, September 25, 2015


Friday, September 25th 
five ---> fifth
Fifteen  Fifty
twelve    twelfth
There was a stampede at the Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
Wolkswagen's president had to hand his resignation.
Yesterday Andrea and Sauvanne went to the "Comedie Française".
They went to see "Le Misantrope".
How well did the actors play? The actors played very well.
How good was the play? Very good.
When did the play end?  The play ended at half past eleven.
What was it about? It was the story of a man who didn't like other people because they have to
many bad qualities. But he has a girl friend and he's very jealous. So they veer/fight over the
girl. He goes to the desert to go far away from humans.

Exercice 8 page 132: 
How well do you play football? How good are you at sports? How sporty are you?
How well does he play the piano. How good are you at Music? How Musical is he?
How well do you dance? How graceful are they?
How artistic is she?How well does she draw?
How well do you speak Italian?
I need it to/ I use it for

For Tuesday
Interro écrite
Exercices p 132 n°11 book.

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