Friday, September 25, 2015


Friday, September 25th 

five ---  fifth
fifty --- fifteen
twelve --- twelfth
seventy --- seventeen

- The history teacher is absent today.
- today is cloudy.
- Today we have a biology test.
- Today some students of the Russian class had a at lunch time.
- Yesterday we saw "the Misanthrope" of Moliere we did not like it because it was too
boring. The actors spoke too fast and we could not understand.

ex 2 p 20
1. Do you have/use social networks ?
2. Do you buy magazines ?
3. Do you read gossips ?
4. How many times does your brother check his twitter account ?
5. does your daughter have a computer?

can ---to be able
I can write Russian quite well but I can't really speak it.

Homework :
Revise questions vocabulary qnd everything we said about celebrities.
Ex Book p. 20 nb 3

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