Monday, September 28, 2015


Monday, September 28th 
News : Last week we celebrated Telilan's birthday.
This week in Russian we begin to learn the cyrillic alphabet.

Questions on Halloween :
Do you have to wear a costume ?
Why are there pumpkins ?
What do children do ?
In which other country do people celebrate Halloween ?
Will you give candies ?
What does it mean to you ?
Who invented Halloween and why ?

Questions on Columbus day
What do you do on Columbus day ?
Why do you celebrate it ?
When is it ?
Are you happy to celebrate Columbus day ?
Do you eat anything special ?
Do you get presents ?

Questions on Thanksgiving
How many are you to celebrate Thanksgiving ?
What are people celebrating ?
Will you eat turkey for Thanksgiving ?
Why do you eat a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving ?
Do you celebrate it ?

Homework : 
Vocabulary :
Book p. 18&19
Using the vocabulary of the lesson describe what there is in your bedroom and what
you would like to put in your bedroom to customize it.

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