Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Tuesday, September 29th 
News : 
French planes bombarded Syria.
Between Sunday and Monday there was a moon eclipse.
1. Do you like social networks ?
2. Do you like reading/ read magazines ?
3. Do you read gossip ?
4. How often does your brother check his twitter account ?
5. Does your daughter go on the computer ?
I have a twitter account - Do you have a twitter account ?
Wich account do you have in the social network ?

Homework :
TTest on questions next time revise here
and here 
EX W.p. 20 nb 4 and then ask a question that correspond to the answer.
1. Do you have a computer or a mobile phone to post on social network?
Do you always answer a private tweet ?  
They must look happy all the time
Who must look ....?
How must they look ?

Tuesday, September 29th

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