Friday, October 2, 2015


Friday, 2nd October 

We don't have a test in Biology , because it is postponed to next time ( to Tuesday )
Book p.7   In two weeks there are holidays ( Autumn break )
What about Holly ?
Describe what she likes / what she doesn't like ?
She probably
may + base verbale --> probably
 must + base verbale --> certainly
I think
I believe
I suppose
In my opinion
as to me /you/Holly
According to me /you/Holly
I believe she likes drawing and she must like dancing
She may

 like french and history
I believe she likes reading and swimming
I suppose she likes bowling and basketball
I think she likes music because she's got a radio
she certainly likes iceskating
I believe she likes Winnie the Pooh
Her favourite colour is purple
Victoire's favourite colour is blue and brown because there are a lot of shades of
Oscar has a cricket bat against the wall in his bedroom
Elise has a harp in her bedroom because she plays it

Ex Book p. 132 nb 4 & 6

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