Thursday, October 1, 2015


Today is Thursday October the 1st 

-Today Emilie came back to school
-This evening there is the parents' evening
-Today we have a reading test in French
-Maybe today our Maths teacher will give us back our tests

Homework: Our room
In my bedroom there is a desk  a bed a lot of dvd and cd.
In my bedroom I would like to have books posters of my favorite stars and movies.I would
also like to have a lot of Flashdrives.
For my room I would like to have a lot of pictures of my friends and I.
In my room I would like to have a new shelf.
In my bedroom I have all my clothes in my closet . My computer is on my desk I also have a
map on the wall.(It is a map of the world).
I would like to have a place to read with a special lamp.
I would like to have posters.
I would like  to have computer
I would like to  have a king-size bed.
I would like to have a jacuzi

Correction of the test:
1°) When will you come ?
2°) Can you play badmington very well? How well can you play badmington ?
3°) Is she listening to music? What is she listening to ?
4°) Have you  got a brother and two sisters ?How many brothers and sisters have you got  ?
5°) My mother speaks English in my family? Who speaks English in your family?

1°)Have you got a cat or a dog?
2°) We must listen to the teacher in class. What must we do in class?Where must we listen to
the teacher
3°)They go to school everyday.When do they go to school?Where do they go everyday

Ex ask five questions on the picture in your books p.23

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