Friday, October 2, 2015


Friday, October 2nd 
News : 
Today  we exceptionnally finish school at 2:25 pm because our French and math teachers are
Today Camille's brother who is nine years old is dancing Hip Hop.
I'm sorry I'm late it won't happen again.
On Thursday I do not eat at school because we finish very early.
Today I will go to my the taekwondo class at quarter past five

Introduce Daniel Radcliff and Hermione Granger
His  name is Daniel
 He plays the role of Harry Potter
He is 26 years old.
He was born on the 23rd of july nineteen eighty nine.
He is British
He lives in Fulham in England.
Her  name is Emma
 She plays the role of Hermione Granger
She is 25 years old.
She was born on the fifteenth of April nineteen ninety.
She is British
She lives in Oxford in England.

 He is English his name is....
She is English her name is..
I am English my name is..
You are English your name is..
We are French our names are...
They are Spanish their names are...
It is strange its name is...

Homework : 
Book p.27 Grammar point Les adjectifs possessifs
W. p.17 nb 1<w<

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