Monday, September 21, 2015


Today is Monday, September the 21st  
Tomorrow is the 2nd
-On Saturday, someone died because he fell from the statue at Place de la Republique
during the Techno parade
-Yesterday, Camille went to her cousin's chrissening
-Yesterday,was Patrimoine Day
-Yesterday,Yannick did History work because we have an in-class assessment

Exercise n°=2 p.10
1.I'm happy and excited
2.Nice, we will be able to find mushrooms
3.I'm ecstatic but a little anxious
4.I will be a little tired
5.I will feel very proud

Exercise n°=5
Tidy/Untidy Messy
Fun/ Sad
Irritating/Nice sweet Pleasant
Organized/disorganized messy

In Nina's opinion Zack is boring
 Prosper does not agree he beleives he is just messy
Camille thinks Jenny is messy like Zack

Lesson copybook + Book p. 19 vocabulary
Book P.21 n° 5 and 6

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