Friday, September 18, 2015


Friday, September 18th 

The rugby world cup begins tonight at 9:00 pm.
Today is Friday and Raphaelle loves Friday because the next day is Saturday.
This morning we had a test in physics and spanish test.
Lucie and Omar are our representatives.
Anna thinks our representatives will be good.
Yesterday was great because we started school at 1:30 pm and we finished at 2:25.

Book p. 15 : 
We can see the British people love Kate Middleton because they are using their phones to take
Kate and William are famous.
During the summer Kate gave birth to her second child Charlotte.
Louise thinks it is fake picture because on their phones they are not taking what we can see on the
Lucas thinks the picture was probably taken in Asia or China.
Astrid believes the picture was taken during the summer.
Clara imagines it is not a tourist trip but an official one to see a head of State.
Maybe it is the other way round.
They are rich and famous and therefore they are happy but maybe they do too much to be perfect
because they represent the English crown.

Look they are talking.

Homework :  WB P.11 grammar memo ex. 2

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