Monday, January 4, 2016


Today is Monday January 4th twenty sixteen  

Today is the first day of school after the Christmas holiday.
During the holiday Yseult went to Prague.
There is a brush on the carpet .
There is a basket of food.
There is a broom in the bucket.
There is a papyrus cup.
There is a big basket.
There is a vase.
There is a gold necklace.
There is a statue of a cat.
There is a blanket.
There is a gold ring in the safe.
There is a bowl on the table.
There are small statues.
The blanket could be on the bed.  
The blanket could be in the big basket.

Homework :
1. apprendre les phrases signalées au tableau.
2. chercher le nom anglais des objets de la chambre (leçon précédente)
3. situer les objets comme dans les exemples donnés aujourd'hui.

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