Friday, January 15, 2016


Friday January 15th  
Today is Yseult's mother's birthday  
On Sunday Lucas and Raphaël are going to a judo competition.
Tonight my family and I are going to our country house.
Book EX. p. 55 nb 2,
a. Do Jake and Ben ..? No, they do not.
b. Does ...? Yes, she does
c. What does Ben want ? he wants chips
d. Does..? Alison's father lives in the States.
e. Do you...? Yes, we do, most of us like chocolate brownies.

Book p. 54 
Fruit : peach, es

scrambled eggs
fried eggs sunny side up
soft boiled eggs
a piece of bread
a piece of toast

Pair work :
She likes apple crumble
he likes coffee
he likes marmelade
he likes eggs
he likes apple juice
he likes cakes
he likes eggs milk, brownies and butter.
she like cereals
she likes bacon
she likes milk
she likes orange juice but she does not like coffee

Homework : 
EX . W. p. 44 nb 2

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