Friday, December 4, 2015


Friday, December 4th 

NEWS :   
    - Today the history teacher is still missing
    - Today we were suppose to have two English hours however we only have one !  
Sentences about the first part of the "big fat Greek wedding":
     - She is not very pretty although she looks happy !
whereas = opposés!      ex : I am young whereas you are old
      - She was depressed whereas now she looks more confident.
confident / self-assured= sure d'elle
      - The father doesn't like Ian however he is polite/nice.  
      - They are engaged and that is why all the family wants to see them
      - At the beginning she was very shy whereas at the end of the story she looked more
      -The girl finally went to university however she still goes to the Greek restaurant
however = cependant, malgré cela
Sentences about Ian's family :  
well-off = aisés
Ian's family is well-off. Her family is religious that is why / therefor / consequently they
want them married in a church. Whereas Ian's parents want them married in a club.
However they agree them married in a church. Ian's parents were demotivated by the girl's
idea. Ian's family is more quiet than Toula's family. Toula is stressed however she is polite.  
Ian's parents seem to agree with that wedding although they had rather have another
they had rather= ils préfèreraient.
Although Toula's father loves his daughter he doesn't approve of Ian.

get ready for the test for Wednesday


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