Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Today is Wednesday December 2 nd  

Today is Gabriel sister's birthday
Tomorrow Lutèce and I have our  conseil de classe
Today we have test correction
Today Lucas is eating a chocolate cake
Saturday is Maude's birthday

test correction
I believe there is a big spider in a scary room
In a classroom there is a big desk
I suppose there is a werewolf
In classroom there is a teacher.
In the scary room there is a scary clown.
There is silence in the test class.
There is a poster in the classroom.

In the scary room there are bats under my bed.
There is a desk in front of the door.
There is a black cat under my bed.
There is  Frankenstein in the house.
There is a pen between my fingers.
There is a psychopath behind the door.
In the classroom there is a clock next to
the curtains, and there are some pencils.

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