Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Wednesday, December 2nd 

News: We won't go at "college au cinema ".

The Story:
This is a story about a girl who works in her parents restaurant.
She sees a men in the restaurant and fell in love.
She asks her father to go in university.
She is happy and makes friends.
And meets the men that she loves and he fell in love too .

The end.
although I like chocolate I never eat it
I like chocolate whereas my sister hates it
I love chocolate therefore / that is why / consequently I love chocolate cake
I love chocolate however I never eat it

All the family was happy, because Toula found a husband.
It's very laud. (familier)
The family is very tactile and expressive.
Toula's dad is angry, because his little girl is going away.
And Toula lies to Ian: she says her dad likes him.

His family is quiet, and small.
His parents looks very boring and bored.
They talk very little.
We can imagin that Toula is at a job interview, not with her inlaws.
They don't like her.

comparethe two familes using the connectives given.

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