Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Wednesday 2nd, December 

Our history teacher is absent for the week.

What we correct and that you should never write again :  
1. I will say your secrets to everybody.
2. How can you know ?
3. When she was angry she killed everybody who were next to her.
4. I decided to go and see what the noise was.
5. That is why I have been here only for ten seconds.
6. He was small with kind eyes.
7. All the humans had disappeared, there was water everywhere.
8. He took his sword.
9. He could neither find a friend nor an animal.
10. maybe he was not tall.
11. everybody said to me not to go in this castle.
12. I never told this story.
13. A long time ago one little boy and his sister.
14. although his mother had given him warnings...
15. it suited the boy so extremely well that everybody called him the little man...

What you will write next time :  
It was a dark night in December. There was a violent storm over the island. If you are
really strong read this story if you are not then you can leave it because you are going to
be my main character. For the people who are still reading this story good luck !
Firstly you are a little wizard, you have to think like a small wizard. Now keep your eyes
open and listen.
I saw you, you were running but you could not remember why. You came into a room and
you suddenly heard a growl. You tried to leave this horrible place, you ran through the
room you saw some shadows on the wall you were too scared to try to understand where
they were coming from. You tried to go out but all the doors were closed. You used your
magic power and you strated a fire. The shadows on the wall were still running only faster
now. The more you watched them the more you could see scared people in these strange
shadows. You turned round to see what was scaring them. The smoke was getting thicker
and its shadow projected on the wall looked like a huge monster.
At the beginning you did not realize the fire was coming from your hands. When you did
you tried to stop but it was too late.
You saw a window so you tried to break it.  You tried three times, the third time the glass
was broken, and your hands were covered with blood. The blood put off the fireof your
hands but the room was still burning ...

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