Friday, December 4, 2015


Friday, December 4th

We saw many differences between both families. Ian's family is small but Toula's family is
very big. Toula's family is very noisy whereas Ian's family is quiet.
Ian's family is probably wealthy/rich/well-off.
Toula's family is happy to see Ian because they thought Toula would never have got married.
Toula's family is expressive/out-going whereas Ian's family is shy/introvert.
Toula's family is very religious.
Toula's family do not think about Toula's sensitivity/feelings.
Toula's father is despicable with Ian without any reason. Maybe he is a bit jealous.
She should be important but she is not. In the segment we saw she gets pushed aside.
Toula's family is welcoming Ian in the family as a new relative.
Toula's family is very enthusiastic to see Ian however Toula's father is not so positive.
Toula's family is very religeous consequently Toula will get married in a church.
Toula's father is despicable with Ian however it shows his love for Toula.
In Ian's opinion/according/as to Ian they should marry in church.
In Ian's parents opinion/according/as to Ian's parents they should marry in a club.
Toula's family love her however they are rude with her.
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