Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Tuesday, December 1st

What we corrected together you must never do those mistakes again !
1. This boy is very ugly and taller too.
2. All boys was tired, and fall asleep to fast for speak with Joan.
3. they walked quietly because peoples sayed that they was a dragon
4. There was abything around he.
5. Billy was a very strong boy who had small size and his brown hair
6. He thank he was saved since the monster grap boy's leg
7. In this forest he can heard
8. it was a dark cave with stranger words written on the wall
9. He fell asleep because he was so tired, last day he red some incredibles stories
10. this creature does not exist in the real life.
11. he looked back but he saw anything.
12. he taked in his bag a knife
13. once upon a time a king of a country was a little boy... because her parents were dead.

What you did best
I woke up in the middle of the dunes, It was a huge desert. Firstly I got up and removed the sand that was on me. I was hot, I could feel beads of sweat running down my neck. I began to feel anxious since I saw nobody around not even vegetation or animals. So I decided to go and find some help....
He was tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He was gentle and polite but not shy. and he was very fun loving but sometimes he was in a very bad mood and got very angry nobody knew why.
He walked for a very long time through the very dark scary forest when suddenly he heard a very strange noise like someons crying or laughin. He was petrified for a few seconds but as he was brave he turned round and looked in the direction of the noise there he saw a....

The brave girl looked back and saw a blade in a rock shining brightly in the darkness. It was Excalibur. She went across the path and ran to the sword. The child drew Excalibur off the rock and gave apowerful blow to the monster which howled with pain and fell down thrashing and at last died.
Homework : 
Finish copying the best sentences in your copybooks.

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