Monday, November 30, 2015


Monday, November 30th

Correct and never do it again !    
1.Canada is a beautiful country    
2. and it is so big    
3. it is better/warmer to wear...  
4. there are a lot of shops  
5. there are a lot of things we can do  
6. we can see polar bears  
7. like MontRoyal which is    
8. the lucky ones can see polar bears  
9. It was snowing when we arrived/it snowed          
during my trip...  
10. Canada has a lot of monuments  
11. I think that Canada is the best destination. I
think that Canada is better than the US.    
12. life in Canada  
13. the houses are cute  
14. Canada is not very big  
15. I never went to Canada /I have never been to
16. You should go

Help :
Il n'y a jamais "the" devant    
les noms de pays sauf:    
-the United States    
-the United Kingdom    
-the Netherlands    
-the Saar and the Ruhr    
-the Ukraine    
-the Crimea    

Pour les dénombrables, l'idée de généralité se donne
par le nom au pluriel sans article.    
ex: dogs are nice

Pour éviter les répétitions on utilise one ou ones  
ex: a lot of people go to canada the lucky ones will see
polar bears

The best :  
1. I think Canada is  a wonderful place in fact my best friend wants to go and live there...
2. Canada is wonderfully beautiful, of course it is very cold especially in January but the
cold temperature is worth the try because there are so many cool activities. You will be
able to ski, do ice-hockey, dog sleigh ....  
3. Vancouveur is a great destination for holidays. If you go there be sure to visit Stanley
4. Canada is freezing but it is also a lovely and beautiful place. All you can do is amazing;
go camping in the snow, ....
5. True in Toronto it is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer but it is
awesome ...

homework p 43 book ex 4

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