Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Today is Monday December 14th 
On Friday night the Christmas holiday begins.

Description of the boat ;

 this man is not fat and old he is young and slim and trim a soldier, a warrior, the leader of
the boat. He is pointing to the temple. He has not got any feet !!

The scribe is sitting cross-legged.
There is a papyrus on his lap.
A scribe writes with a stylus on a papyrus.
The scribe is on a board.
He is dressed in a white dress.
The scribe is sad.
He is not a warrior that is why he is neither trim nor slim.
He is old because he knows a lot of things and he is very wise.
He is smart.
The Egyptians cried because the scribe was dead.

EX Decrire la chambre de Pharaon.

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