Thursday, December 17, 2015


Today is Thursday December the 17th 

Today our English teacher is late.
Today we are having a history test.
Today we had an essay.
On Wednesday Betoul is going to Normandy.
Fleur is spending half of the holiday with Yseult.
There is a head rest.
It is a wardrobe.
It is a chest of drawers.
It is not very beautiful it is quite plain.
Maybe there are books inside.
It is a safe.    
It is a small safe.
In this safe there were jewelery.
Probably there was some/a lot of gold.
It is a beige carpet.
It is confortable.
It is fluffy wool.
It is a small brown box.
In the box there probably was powder for eyes.
The box is quite plain.
These things are very old.

chercher le vocabulaire des objets et imaginer dans quel meuble ou objet ils se trouvent.

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