Thursday, December 10, 2015


Today is Thursday December 10th 
Today Betoul's fish is  dead because her cat has eaten it !
Today the English test was not difficult
Ex 2 p 38
a.Molly/Jake:Molly is Jake's little sister
It is Richard 's box.
The teddy bear in Molly's bedroom
It is Richard's bike red.

Describe the picture :
Jake's sister is funny because she thinks that rats are nasty.
there are sculptures there is an Egyptian river boat . There are men and women on the
boat there are birds on the canopy I imagine the birds are made of stone ,some of
sitting down maybe they  are talking about Pharao I imagine they are praying.

Homeework :
Write four more sentences to describe this boat. Use there is / are, can, cannot, have got...

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