Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Today is Wednesday, December 9th   
News: - Yesterday Camille saw 9  police vans in rue Moncey and C.R.S !
          - Yesterday Aglaé, Jade and Emilie thought three previous students of Condorcet arrested in  
            Rue d'Amsterdam.  
Exercice B :  
a) Yes because a lot of Americans eat McDonald's everyday  
b) There are more people in America who go to McDonald's than in France
c) No I think having McDonald's in hospitals is not a good idea because the patient have to eat healthy food
d) I go to McDonald's on holidays/ when I eat with my friends / when you have to do a long trips by car /
only one day in a month / once a month
e) The pros are that it is not expensive, it is cheaper, it is fast, it is good, it is convenient, the food is served faster than
other restaurants,
it is easy when you have to hurry, there are big portions , the drawbacks / cons are that there are antivomitives in
the meat and the bread, the service is bad it is smelly and dirty , there is a very long queue / line.

Homework : 
Faire les exercices photocopy 3 + write a review on MacDonald's


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