Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Today is Wednesday December 9th 

Yesterday Antoine,Aramis and Lazare went to school together.
Today I am eating with Yseult.
Some students are hanging out in the corridor
Today I will go to the swimming pool
Today Ines and I will go to the dance class (school)
Today Betoul is going to the doctor's
Whose pen is this ?
It's pink I thinks it's a girl's pen
And whose schoolbag is this ?
I know!It's Molly's schoolbag.And,Mr Hutton, whose pencil case is this ?
I'm not sure Maybe it is Alison's.
Who is Alison ?
You know!The new pupil!She's American.
Oh, I see,Jake and Ben's friend ?
The teddy bear should be in Molly's bedroom.
The ball should be in Ben's bedroom.
Molly's schoolbag should be in her bedroom.
Jake's ball should be in his bedroom
Molly's book should be in her bedroom
The Sports bag should be in the wardrobe.
The books should be in the bookcase.
The teddy bear should be on Molly's bed.
Book page forty-four number 3 whose bag is this ?
It is Mrs Perry's / Jake's mother's bag.
Whose scarf is it ?
It is Charlotte's scarf.
Where are you ?
Is anybody in ?
Have you seen Molly ?
Have you seen my sports bag ?
Whose schoolbag is this ?
Whose map is this ?

Homework :
Get ready for the test whose & 's
W. Page thirty-eight Nb 2

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