Saturday, February 6, 2016


Today is Friday February 5th 
Today we have a History TP .
Today some of us are going to have  Concours Castor .
Tomorrow Catarina is going to Maude's house.
Tomorrow Betoul will go to her friend's birthday.
Tomorrow Yseult is going to do horse riding .
Tomorrow Clement will go  to a  rugby match.
Tomorrow Lutèce will go to the a "Lazer Game".
On Wednesday all the class will go to the Louvre.
p.73 nb3:
a)I sometimes go to the museum.
b)I usually go to the cinema on Tuesdays.
c)I never read sentimal stories.
d)I often watch horror film.
e)I never sing love song.  
I always make my bed in the morning
I often get up at eight o'clock
I never have a shower in the morning
I sometimes go to work/ school at eight o'clock
I usually come back home at four thirty
I always watch TV at ten past eight
I always read a book at eight o'clock / at dinner time / at night / in bed !

Homework : 
Ex Book p. 73 nb 1, 2

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