Thursday, February 4, 2016


Today is Wednesday Ferbuary  the 3rd 
 Today and  last Monday our math teacher was absent
Today Fleur invited Yseult to eat
On Saturday Inès and her  family went to the grand Rex to see Messmer show amazing

page 54 nb  1 and 2
I can play tennis... I cannot...
Cannot run
I cannot
Can you
She cannot
nb 2
Gabriel can swim but he cannot fly
Maude can play the flute  but she cannot ride a horse
Antoine can swim and play the flute
Axel can ride a horse and swim
Fleur cannot play the  flute and she cannot fly
She can be English
Can n' est pas conjugué et le verbe qui suit  est toujours à la base verbale

Workbook p.53

Homework : 
Ex. Bookp. 63 nb 2,3


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