Saturday, February 6, 2016


Friday, February 5th the fifth 
News : 
We have a history test and a biologie test today

It will rain tomorrow.
I will not come with you
i will help you if you want. But  it will not

n°41 p135
Lucky you! Where are you going?
I may go to New-York but i will not stay for a long time.
Exemple d'emploi du futur:
I will go to Disneyland
I will be in highschool.
We will be in "Forum des métiers" tomorow.
I'm going to dance this afternoon.
I'm swimming this afternoon
I'm not going to play football.

The mother must be angry because they are all on their
And no one is listening to her.
At home we are not allowed to use our devices at dinner

get one sentence in the future ready
A better future : Text p. 56 nb 1 a. and b.

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