Thursday, February 4, 2016


Thursday, February 4th 

She has got blond hair. ----> Has she got blond hair ? ---> She hasn't got blond hair
She has blue eyes. ---> Does she have blue eyes ?---> She does not have blue eyes
She is twenty years old.

Book p. 63 nb 2
a. Can you see the lake ?
b. Can you dance very well ?
Can I have a glass of water please?
Can I have this knife?
Can you hear me ?
Can you sing?
I cannot see you,where are you?
Can I open the window sir?
We can watch lords of the rings on my computer?
My brother can be stupid sometimes.
 Book p. 70 nb1  
I never get up at 3 o'clock
I always make my bed in the morning
I sometimes have breakfast at 10 o'clock during the week
I usually have lunch at one o'clock
I always have dinner at 8 o'clock
 I never go to bed at nine o'clock

Homework : 
EX. Book p.73 nb 3

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