Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Wednesday January 20th 

There is a terrorist attack in a university.

Exercice : 

1) Donated
2) Has taken
3) have never organized
4) Have reached

Exercice :  

1) I  raised money for my cause, by organizing a charity sale.
2) My parents help by giving money to Doctors without borders.
3) I made my friends aware of poverty issues by showing them...
4) I protect the environment by joining an eco friendly summer camp.

How old is this hamburger ? it is fourteen years old.
How long have they kept it ? They  have kept it for fourteen years.
When did they buy it ?  They bought it fourteen years ago
Since when have they had it ? They have had it since 1999.

Represent the events on a time line

 Homework :
Ex. Book p. 42 nb 1

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