Thursday, January 21, 2016


Today is Thursday January the 21st    

News : 
Tomorrow our English teacher is absent.
On Saturday Inès and Betoul are going to the laser games.
nb 3 page fifty six
Alison and her friend are looking at  Alison's photo album.
Alison and her friend are in Alison's living room.
Alison has got  brown hair and her friend has got  long black hair.
They have got black eyes.
She has got pink tee-shirt and her friend has got a white tee-shirt.
Alison and her friend have got blue trousers.
Alison and her friend have got a green and white socks.
Her friend has got a dark skin and Alison has got a white skin.
Alison and her friend are holding a photo album.

page fifty nine nb 3 
She has got a long hair.
She has got a funny brother.
Jake has got a very strict father.
My aunt has got big brown eyes.
She has got a very nice photo album.
Charlotte's father has got curly black hair.
Raphaël has got short black hair.
Betoul's mother has got long black brown hair.
Inès has got brown hair.
Anais has got blue bands on her brown hair.
Fleur has got blue eyes.
Charlotte's brother  has got  blue eyes and short blond hair.
Eva's little sister has got short straight brown hair.
Gabriel's uncle has got blue short and white hair.
Clément's little sister has got brown hair and brown eyes.
Axel's little brother has got brown hair.
Charlotte's twin sister has got brown eyes.

Homework : 
Ex. Book p.58 nb 1 and 3

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