Thursday, January 21, 2016


Today it is very cold. 
Today we have a geography test. 
Yesterday the oldest man in the world died. He was 120 years old. 
The actor Alan Rickman died. 
Yesterday we had a history test and an empty hour. 
Romeo and juliet: 
Tuesday we saw Romeo and juliet in french. We saw the text we had to learn. The film was with 
Leornado dicaprio who was playing Romeo . Mercutio is more present than Paris in the play . Paris 
want to marry Juliet but Juliet disagree. There is a feud between the two families.Mercutio is very 
funny and he is not a Montague, he is the inbetween, between the Montague and the Capulet.  
Juliet's cousin killed Mercutio and Romeo killed Thybalt with his gun. 
Juliet is very young, she is 14 years old! 
Juliet's father is a vilain! 
Juliet's mother is pretty funny. She is jealous of her daughter. 
HW for next time :write a review on the film : say your opinion but you have to be fair 

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