Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Tuesday, 19th January  
Ex 2:
a. donated  
b. has taken
c. We have never organized  
d. have reached
Ex 3:
a. I organized
b. They give money...
c. I showed
d. I joined
c. I visited
d. I have spent
e. I have bought
f. I lived
g. I cooked/ I have cooked
h. have brought
i. you have had
j. I saw
k. Have ever been to Scotland ?
l. He has never told
m. He started.... he was ...
n. We have never drunk
o. They celebrated

How old is this hamburger ?     This hamburger is 14 years old.
How long have they kept it ?    They have kept it for 14 years.
When did they buy it ?              They bought it 14 years ago.
Since when have they had it ?  Since 1999 they have it.
Homework :

  photocopy p.48 nb 1

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