Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Today is wednesday November the 4 th 
Yesterday a baby boy was born he is my little cousin.
Can you give me the name of the president?
His name is Peter.
Is she Scottish?
Where do you live?
Close the window please.
book page 36 
nb 1a) 
1 b) What has Jake got in his bedroom?
He has got a desk.
He has got a computer.
He has got books.
He has got a bedroom.
He has got a chair.
He has got a window.
He has got posters.
He has got pencils.
he has got a carpet.
He has got a cage for a hamster.
He has got a ladder to go up to his bed.
He has got two curtains.
He has got a table.
He has not got a bedside table = table de nuit.
He has got a radio.
He has got an armchair.
He has got shelves.(one shelf= une étagère)
A bookcase/ a library = une bibliothéque
a book shop = une librairie

 Homework : 
Book p. 39 nb 1

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