Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Tuesday November the 3rd 

New Zealand won the Rugby world cup
In 7 weeks it is holidays again

Book p.31

There is a big monster behind the characters. It's Percy Jackson. As to me it's a movie. The
monster has 4 heads. I think the monster blows fire, that is why it's a science fiction/fantasy
film.  The monster looks like a dinosaur/mythological creature.

Vocabulary tool box :  
Noms : a temple, a monster, a column, a Greek  
a danger, a creature, a beast, a dragon, a weapon  
(a sword, a shield).  
Adjectifs : dangerous, safe, scared, scary,  terrified,  
petrified, vicious, horrible, evil, powerful, strong.  
Verbes : spit fire, threaten, scream, shout, growl,  
howl, escape, manage to, run out, fight, shake,
destroy,  tear apart.

learn the vocabulary and write three sentences about the picture using the words in the vocabulary toolbox.

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