Monday, November 2, 2015


Today is Monday, November the 2nd 

-Today we come back to school/is back to school day
-Yesterday was Allsaints' day
-Two days ago was Halloween
-At Halloween, we wore costumes and we ate candies
-We have candies,thanks to the neighbours!
-We can celebrate Halloween everywhere
Ex 4 p 26 
I raise money. We wear the same clothes as our friends. We
wear movie character clothes. We can dress up as much as
possible. We can make t-shirts and sell them.

make, sell, raise, wear, be, collect, donate, write, organize,
can, celebrate, help, hear, speak, listen to, understand,
sing, cook, bake, have, read, dance, do, eat, look, see,
prepare, create, light, swim, run, leave, drive, enjoy, play,
have fun, paint, draw, dream, fly, sleep, come, drink,
would, take, sweep...

Homework :
5 sentences using the verbs found in class. Use I imagine, I suppose, I believe and link words.

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