Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Tuesday,November 3rd 

Today our technology teacher is absent.
Tonight there is a football match: PSG against Real Madrid.
Book p. 31
The place in the picture looks like a museum.
The picture is in the temple of Athena.
It is a movie from a book .
Trouble is obviously shooting.
The animal looks threatening and scary.
The kids are trying to escape from the creature.
THe kids are behind the columns  and they are
hiding because they want to attack the monster
by suprise otherwise hiding is not a good idea.
The monster is trying to kill,destroy and tear
them apart.
otherwise: par ailleurs

Vocabulary tool box :    
Noms : a temple, a monster, a column, a Greek    
a danger, a creature, a beast, a dragon, a weapon    
(a sword, a shield).    
Adjectifs : dangerous, safe, scared, scary,  terrified,    
petrified, vicious, horrible, evil, powerful, strong.    
Verbes : spit fire, threaten, scream, shout, growl,    
howl, escape, manage to, run out, fight, shake,  
destroy,  tear apart.

learn the vocabulary and write three sentences about the picture using the word sin the vocabulary toolbax.

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