Thursday, September 10, 2015


Today is Thursday,September 10th  

- Queen Elisabeth II is the longest reigning Queen of England.
-Saturday will be/is going to be Luna's birthday party.
-Yasmine played basketball outside the school.

+ Happy,enjoy,ecstatic,really,excited,glad,wonderful,right,glorious,super,awsome,good,

shouldn't,useful,returning to school,good job,my friends,holidays,...

Quiet house,we don't want to work,we can see our school mates,have to get up early,to work early and
a lot,the school bag is heavy , I have to write a lot of lessons,I have to buy furnitures,I have to do a lot
of tests/assessments,we have long days,I have a bad schedule,we can't eat whenever we want,because
we  have holidays,we have a good program,we study,we can play with our school mates,we can return to our beautiful college,we can see our friends,they have a good job and they get money(to eat,...)

Homework :
Lesson + revision. There is a test next time on Why do people like going back to work / school
Why don't people like going back to work /school.

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