Friday, September 11, 2015


Friday, September, the 11th 

Today is 9/11, the twin towers were attacked by terrorists in 2001. It was a
bad day. We remember it with sorrow. There was a terrorist attack on today
14 years ago.
Today is sunny!
Today, we also listened to a video on youtube about gravitation and Isaac
Tim : not to smart at school, skinny, weak, shy,
Mat : batsman, best at cricket, strong and tough (they are opposite)
I think mat is more sociable and he is smarter than tim, he is also taller and
stronger, Tim is less intelligent than mat, less tough.
comparatif de supériorité : adj courts=1 syllabe(deux syllabes si terminé par y)
adj court + er + than
more + adj long+ than
COMPARATIF d'infériorité :
less adj court et long + than
but = yet
Mat is strong but/whereas Tim is weak
Dr Woolley : he is a nice person. He is a savant.
Fiona : we don't know anything about her.
novel = roman
short story = nouvelle
the strange machine is a machine made to clone.
It is a science-fiction story.
At the end of the story, doctor wolley dissapeared. Lucas imagines
he died and Ulysse imagines he commited suicide.
keywords : capital, building, white house

Homework :

 Pour mercredi :  Lesson, do the revision on the blog.
Page 13 questions a, b et c. Utiliser les questions en WH.

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