Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Today is Wednesday November 25th  
Today we have a new teacher.
Today we finish school at 12:10 because we have vie de classe/class.
Today Lucas and Raphael go to the swimming pool.
Today Aramis and Lazare are going to football/soccer.
Today five of us are eating at Yseult's place.
In a scary room maybe there is a ghost/there are some ghosts.
Maybe there is a snake.
I believe the scary room is dark.
I imagine there is a scary ghost in my garage.
In a scary room there is blood on the window and a finger on the floor next to a knife.
I suppose there is a werewolf.
I can hear strange noises.
I imagine there is a spider under my bed.
Maybe there is a grave in the house.
I think there are some killers.
I think there are vampires.
There are not any children.
Clément is a boy.
Clément = a boy.

Homework ;
get ready for the test on
there is
there are

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