Monday, November 23, 2015


Today is Monday, September23rd 

Aren't we in November ?

oday is Monday, November23rd

News : Today is very cold.

Review :
The Galeries Lafayette are wonderful, the Christmas tree is breathtaking, unforgettable.
 There are lot of decorations, the clothes are beautiful but they are expensive you must go with
a big wallet/purse, don't go there on the weekend because there are too many people/it is
crowded, it is super and it is my favorite shop but only in summer there are some discounts,
everything to dress, to decorate your house to eat from the top floor you have a beautiful view
of Paris.
help :
word reference 

 Homework :
rewrite the paragraph : vary the sentences' length
                                      try to be funny
                                      compare wiht another similar place

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