Thursday, November 19, 2015


Today is Thursday  November 19th     
Today we are having  maths test this  afternoon/ we are going  to have a math test this afternoon.    
 Next Wednesday  exceptionnaly we are  finishing school at ten  past twelve./ we are  going to    
finish school at ten past  twelve./ we will finish  school at ten past  twelve.  
We should write s for  Thursday.
To be going to + base
verbale = futur proche

ex n° 1 p.33  
There are a lot of lions  in this circus!
Are there nice statues in this park?
Is there a computer in  his bedroom?
There is a mouse in the cupboard.
there are shelves there is a box  there are tools  there is a ball  there are roller blades
cupboard --> wardrobe
my bed is under my brother's bed
I have got a desk behind the door
the map is on the wall

Homework : 
Book p. 40 nb 3 imagine what there is in the box ?


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