Monday, January 30, 2012


Do you wish to know what is Chandeleur in English ?
Well there are two words for it one for the religious day : candlemas, the other for the pancake day and it is then called Pancake Tuesday.
If you wish to explore the subject and to know how Pancake Tuesday is seen from the UK here is the link you must open. Click here .

You will discover new words Click here, and funny ways to check if you remember the words click here and here and here

You can also read about pancakes here  and have the best pancake recipe ever click here.

Enjoy it !

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  1. Hello Miss Paci ! Hope you are alright , and that you will get better soon! Looking forward to seeing you after the school holiday ! We miss you a lot! English lessons aren't the same without you :( Have a nice Pancake Tuesday and I 'm hoping you will eat pancakes tonight ! Bye bye ! xxx Zelda, Lily and Clemence !