Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Olympics

The winter Olympic games are a great moment.

First, you have to know where Vancouver is you can see it better from here: click and here too.

if you wish to know more about each sport Click here
or here, and here.

The passing of the torch dating back to the tenth century BCE( Before the Common Era) is also very great and interesting.
if you want to see beautiful pictures of the event so far click here.
You can see all the torches on this New York Times website Click.

Now for a few exercises: click and here for a scientific outlook

An engaging game from the Canadian Olympic school that you should try: click.

A little history here and here to see who were the champions.

Have a great time watching, there is a problem though: there is no snow in Vancouver, the temperature is too high an average of 7.6 °C read here

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